Why give at work?

To maximize the impact of your donation.
Did you know that the workplace philanthropy is one of the giving methods with the highest efficiency and lowest cost of fundraising?

For payroll deduction. Convenient and simple.

  • Each pay period, the amount chosen is automatically deducted;
  • Your donation can be spread over a period of 12 months;
  • Saves costs and is environmentally responsible. (Eliminates the printing of individual tax receipts).
  • Automatic Tax Credit - Easy and tax-effective giving. The donation amount appears on the T4.

To make a collective gesture.
Your donation is added to those of your colleagues and creates a greater impact for the cause.

For dollars that go further.
By raising funds for our organizations, we allow them to focus more on their mission (research, programs and services) for the benefit of the community. 

Donations to HealthPartners-Quebec helps our 16 health charities:

  • conduct critical research to help prevent some of these diseases;
  • create support programs and awareness initiatives to keep us healthy;
  • find treatments and cures that save and change lives in our community.