Encourage employees to give the precious gift of their time

For employees interested in donating their time, HealthPartners offers several volunteer opportunities.

  • HealthPartners@Work volunteers educate employees on chronic diseases, foster understanding about life for affected Canadians, explain how to donate through workplace campaigns, offer contact information for health charities and thank employees for their continued support
  • Living Proof volunteers are individuals who have been affected by chronic disease or serious illness either directly or through a loved one. They speak at workplace giving campaigns to show the real results of giving. By telling in their own words how they’ve benefited from community programs or advancements in medical research, they show employees the enormous impact donations can have, and can thank them for their continued support.  

Give the Gift of Your Time

Our nationwide volunteer team is committed to building awareness about our organization and the 16 health charities we represent. We can also connect prospective volunteers directly with our members. 

Find out more by speaking to one of our Campaign Team members.