Effect on the workplace

Engage employees around a common cause

Studies have shown that to be united for a good cause strengthens the links between employees and their degree of
mobilization - both key elements of productivity.

We are all affected

The overwhelming majority of Canadians is likely to be affected by chronic disease or a major illness during their lifetimes. Eighty-seven percent, to be exact.

That’s a staggering number. One that adds up to $90 billion a year in lost productivity and treatment costs – and devastating consequences for individuals and families.

The bottom line is that we all have a stake in supporting efforts to prevent, treat and cure diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and muscular dystrophy.

What giving brings to your workplace

Studies have shown that rallying around a good cause brings employees together and strengthens their engagement, both of which are key to positive productivity. Companies where employees are highly engaged report:

  • 29% higher revenues
  • 50% more productivity
  • 33% more profit
  • 44% higher retention rates
  • 56% better customer loyalty

Employee engagement has a positive impact on morale, job performance, absenteeism and benefits expenses. That’s why 70 percent of companies today offer paid-release time for volunteering, and many support matching gift programs as well.